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MEDIP is a medical image processing software
developed by MEDICALIP Co., Ltd.
in the World-class clinical environment.

Medical Imaging Softwares


Optimized User Interface

The User interface of MEDIP is easy to use in a medical environment. It is simple to segment and analyze the targeted organs from any medical image(CT, MRI, etc).


Support for 3D Rendering and 3D Printing Technologies

MEDIP has multiple strong functions; selecting region of interest(ROI), enhancing 3D image quality, and segmenting multi-organs. A segmentation process can be easily applied by using this software.
In addition, it is possible to export “STL” file format for printing with any 3D printer in the world.

We can help the medical staffs and patients.
Our patient-specific 3D printed organs can help
to increase success rates of a surgery
and the level of satisfaction.

MEDICALIP’s Patient-specific 3D Printed Organs

We provide a patient-specific 3D printed organ service. This service includes targeted multi-organ segmentation, numerical analysis, and its 3D printing processes.
For doctors, this model can help to support the surgical plan, and the surgical simulation.
For patients, this model can increase the understanding of anatomical information as well as disease status before and after surgery.


Expected Effect of ANATDEL


For Hospitals

The introduction of customized (patient-specific) human organ services could boost hospitals’ standing in medical field. It can provide many levels of satisfaction for the patients.
Also, it could improve communications with patients and level of reliability.


For Patients (Individuals)

The patients who need to undergo surgery or any medical related issue (where does not offer the customized human organ services) can contact us directly to receive our customized medical IT service, if your chosen hospital doesn’t offer it. You can experience intitutive medical service by printing your own organ model in hospital, effectively lowering the rate of surgical failure, and to receive more explanation from doctor.


Contracts of Our Services


MEDICALIP provides a long term contract reducing the cost and ensuring a stable supply for large hospitals or healthcare institues with our services.