How to activate License for MEDIP EDU

1. Purchase the Licence Code for MEDIP EDU or MEDIP PRO Edition.

2. Save the invoice for the purchased license.

3. Request and install MEDIP LITE.
(If you already download and install MEDIP LITE, skip this step.)

4. Confirm your payment in this page.
Insert your invoice number and PC Code from MEDIP Software.
We will send you the activation key right after we confirm your payment.
※ Note : Copy PC Code

5. Enter the License key to MEDIP software.
※ Note : Insert licence key.

6. Restart MEDIP and authentication is complete.

MEDIP Payment Confirmation

This is payment confirmation form to get the licence code
  • Please insert invoice number.
  • Please input all PC Code from MEDIP software that will be activated. Go to medicalip website and go to download link, open your MEDIP software, go to Info, and copy "PC Code". 1 line for 1 PC Code.