MAVR is a Medical Augmented and Virtual Reality software to support previewing medical image through digital 3D visualization. As one of the MEDICALIP one stop solution, MAVR completes overall visualization of both real and augmented-world. The latest Augmented and Virtual reality technology have been adopted in MAVR for displaying a crystal clear realistic digital 3D anatomy. MAVR can reads all of NIfTI-1 (Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative) data format (i.e .nii), which is widely used for medical imaging.

3D Medical Virtual Reality Image

MAVR is the has advance features for showing, modifying and operating medical image in a virtual reality visualization. It is the additional extension of MEDIP software. For doctors and surgeons who need better visualization and simulation on digital view, MAVR is the best solution. It provides complete instruction, easy-use navigation, and comprehensive modification of 3D medical image.

Grab and Slice the Organ Virtually

We have several patents of VR technology for medical data, in the latest version, we could slice the 3D digital object using slicing box. This slicing box will show specific spot of the organ, such a tumor, cancer, and particular object depending on medical data preserved.

Evolving AR/VR Technology

MAVR will continue to expand the research and features on Augmented and Virtual Reality for practical clinical settings.