Patient-specific artificial anatomical model helps surgeons and doctors for advance surgical planning by previewing a crystal-clear illspot of patient’s organ.





Training & Device Testing Models

Aorta – Type A

Aorta – Type B

Esophageal Endoscopy


Paranasal Sinus


Patient-specific Models

Congenital Heart Disease
for Simulation

Congenital Heart Disease

Pancreas Cancer

Brain Cancer

Lung Cancer

Liver Cancer

Kidney Cancer

For over decade, malpractice has become one the most difficult health care issues in the world. This happens because of many aspects, which involving unclear preview of patients’ illspot before surgery, miscommunication between surgeons and misleading surgery plan. We introduce an advance 3D printing technology which is similar with real organ in a texture, feeling, and elasticity, called ANATDEL. This service includes targeted multi-organ segmentation, numerical analysis, and its 3D printing processes. This artificial model has several benefits both for doctors, patients and medical students to support the surgical plan, and the surgical simulation.



For Hospitals

The clear visualization of patient’s organ could assist doctors and surgeon for better understanding of patient’s organ, helps to reduce malpractices and increasing the success rate surgery.


For Patients (Individuals)

Clinics usually do not provide a good visualization and explanation about patients’ current condition. Patients with no background about medical image can experience an intuitive medical service by printing their organ using our service (ANATDEL). It provides solution for patients’ to get better understanding and more explanation of their disease from doctors.

For Medical University (Students and Professors)

Medical students and Professors commonly difficult to get a vivid anatomy because of some ethical issues, and costly replicated model. ANATDEL exists to support medical class teaching, which traditionally taught by textbook and video, into real advance demonstration of specific cadaver. With this service, we expect medical student could easily understand the subjects.








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